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Some of the Areas We Focus On

Some of the Areas We Focus On

Diverse Women at Work

The absence of women of colour in leadership positions at work, and on boards, is glaring. Given all the efforts that companies have put into diversity programs and the attention and awareness made by the press, little progress has been made to deal effectively with diversity at this level.

Members of diverse group see the biases that keep them from staying and rising through the ranks at an organization. They see obstacles across the entire employee life cycle: recruitment, retention, advancement and the commitment of leaders

Our goal is to help women join, stay, lead and succeed in the workplace; most importantly to stand out in their careers. Careers not entirely defined by masculine systems. We can work with you to create and sustain a more inclusive workplace.

How can women use their brain to succeed in the workplace?

How can differences in brain hemispheres and between brains play a role in enabling greater diversity in organizations?

Our Back to Basics Training & Development Measures include:

  • Formal training to mitigate biases and increase cultural competencies
  • Well-crafted Anti-discrimination Policies
  • Informal facilitated sessions – Our ‘Brainy Authentic Conversations’ Sessions
  • Develop/remove biases from evaluation and promotion decisions
  • Looking at the ‘emotional tax’ diverse employees pay everyday
  • A viable roadmap for advancement
  • Tools to balance work and life
  • Establishing clear metrics

‘Blow Your Trumpet, Build Your Confidence’

Men find promoting themselves and their achievements easier than women so get comfortable with self-promotion. As a strategist, I often encounter very successful and high-powered women who are uncomfortable with self-promotion. They believe that the excellence of their work and their loyalty to a company will be recognized and justly rewarded. No, No, No. There is no Prince Charming coming to save you either!

FACT: Women acknowledged some responsibility for their lack of progression

  • Almost 80% recognized that they had to be more assertive, and take more ownership of their career
  • 70% lacked a sponsor and are uncomfortable with the lack of clarity and transparency in promotion and recruitment processes
  • 50 % felt invisible

The good news, while confidence is partly influenced by genetics, it is not fixed. We’ll show you how through our‘Be Brainy Confident’ Program.

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Brain-Based Coaching

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