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My mission as a keynote speaker is to share thought-provoking ideas, that create lasting changes within individuals, teams and organizations. I am passionate about people development through neuroscience and behavioral science, infused with humour and a bit of improv. I am a regular keynote speaker at conferences, professional associations, not-profit organizations, educational institutions, community and religious groups and retreats.

I contribute fresh insights into the neuroscience of leadership, learning, personal development, talent development and performance improvement. “Neuroscience proves that the human mind is limitless in what it can learn, think and create. Therefore, you can use your mind to its full potential and create the life or organization you want once you understand, develop and utilize it”. Use Your Brain to Your Advantage!

I understand that finding the right speaker for your event can be a major challenge, because the speaker ultimately determines the success of your event.

Please get in touch with me and we can figure it out from there with the Subject Heading “Keynote”:

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I’d be happy to discuss customizing to your needs based on relevant and current information and science-backed research.

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