The Executive Program

They say its lonely at the top as an executive, especially if you are ‘the only ________’, fill in the blank. It is, and I agree, because I have been there. It is often a challenging endeavour, but you don’t need to do it alone. In our leadership transformation program, we take the complicated world of brain function and emotions along with behavioral tendencies and map them to those critical decision moments all leaders face. We help you to see that the inside factors are just as important, if not more so, as the outside ones.

We have authentic conversations with you; we dare you be BOLD. We don’t do mundane- we are all about defined goals, new approaches to issues, a focus on purpose, personal and organizational growth. We are the objective sounding board you can depend on; rest assured we will challenge and stretch your thinking, provide you with tools to do difficult things simply!

Antoinette will work with you directly. Her breath and experience as an executive in a number of companies, leading her team in her businesses or coaching hundreds of executives or high potential executives over the past 15 years, makes her the perfect person to work with you in your process of discovery; providing you with actionable advice to strengthen your professional path.

The Executive Coaching Program includes 6 or 12 session series (typically held monthly), where leaders can safely and confidentially share their challenges, seek reassurance and get the support required to enhance your impact as a leader.

90-minute Getting UNstuck™ Session

Our breakthrough session will help you work through the problem that is preventing you from moving forward. Do you need to make a big decision but is finding it difficult to think things through and move it forward? Let us be a part of “Getting you UNstuck” in a 90-minute breakthrough session. Antoinette Davis will help you think things through, work through your inertia, look at the risks and rewards, ask the right questions, stimulate your thinking for insight so that you can confidently make the right decision.

The Emerging Leaders Program – Adopting the Growth Mindset

You’re ambitious. You’re determined. You’re hungry to get to the top because you know you have a lot to offer. Or you may just want to build a successful business. Well, what got you to where you are currently, won’t get you to where you want to be.

You may not be sure how to get there, or how to stop sabotaging yourself with self-limiting beliefs, or negative thinking. But there is a way.

I was also hungry, impatient, moved fast, broke things and rules alike, but had to reach greater heights and succeed. You will be coached on how to shift your mindset and remove self-imposed barriers that prevent you from reaching your true potential. We will also show you how to sharpen your focus and apply positive habits, so you can thrive in a complex world (and possibly upset some of the systems).

The Emerging Leaders Program- Adopting the Growth Mindset, typically runs for either 6 or 12 monthly sessions.

Science & The Art of:

  • Leadership Development

  • Finding Your Purpose, Leading with Values

  • Leading with Confidence

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Creating an Executive Presence

  • Goal Setting for Success

  • Communicating Effectively

  • The Growth Mindset

  • Persuasion

  • Negotiating to Win

  • Thinking Differently

  • Dealing with Difficult People & Problems

  • Building Trust

  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills

  • Having Effective Meetings