Brain-Based Coaching for Individuals

If you make decisions that affect others in any part of  your life, then you are leading. As  transformational leadership coaches, we see ourselves as ambassadors of positive transformation. We help our clients to see that they are fully equipped to deal with whatever it is they are dealing with, by tapping into their own capacities for self empowerment and change. We look at how brain science impacts leadership, communication, collaboration, performance and decision-making.

Our coaching program consists of 12 one-hour sessions done either in person, over the phone or using Zoom. Depending on your choice and the frequency of your sessions, you may meet with your coach once or twice a month over a period of 6 or 12 months.

What you will receive:
You will receive from us accountability support and performance audits, with impromptu check-in calls (limited to 15 minutes), unlimited email support, additional resources and assessments as deemed appropriate.

90-minute Discovery Session

You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going because you might not get there – Yogi Berra

Do you know what your purpose is? Is it clear to you? Are you leading from it? Are you feeling lost? Leaders who have a clear purpose know what they stand for and who they stand with, particularly in difficult times. Our goal is to help you find and lead successfully from your purpose. We push you to answer the question “why”.  We do this through a masterful blend of art and science. We want you to get ‘there’.

After the Sessions

Your success is important to us. It doesn’t end when the coaching ends, that is why we do follow ups or ‘power nudges’ on an as needed basis to provide ongoing motivation and accountability support. The road map, self-awareness exercises, insights and ongoing change strategies we develop for you are instrumental in building your leadership muscles and purpose-driven life.