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BOLD Leadership Institute was formed because we believe the future belongs to those who are bold. We are transformational change experts. We know that lasting change does not happen without changing the environment, the culture, values, or giving serious consideration to what is going on in the brain of the person charged with leading the organization, or in your brain for that matter. Success doesn’t happen without changing the way we manage change. Let you brain lead the way!

Success requires strategic or tactical boldness.  It means using evidenced based research to implement organizational change, to challenge the status-quo and outdated mode of operating. Success is defined differently for different people, but it will never be achieved without articulating your purpose or going through a process of discovery to enhance your impact as a leader in your own life.

The science of leadership asks you to dismiss flawed leadership models and unreliable evaluations of leadership potential. At BOLD Leadership Institute “we dare YOU to be bold”. Whether you are an emerging leader, a seasoned professional or an entrepreneur, we will show you how the brain works, how to promote desired outcomes, and—most importantly—how to apply scientific research into your personal life and your organization to shape and improve leadership competencies, strategy, operations, consumer preferences, emotional intelligence, team building, collaboration, goal setting, engagement, creativity, motivation, decision making and interpersonal interactions.

At BLI we are passionate about understanding the factors that affect behavioral change and individuals’ decision-making. With education and experience, improvements are seen overtime; influenced by nudges that have been validated through experimental evidence and cognitive neuroscience to help you perform at your best.


Antoinette A. Davis

Chief Neuro-Behavioral Strategist

Dr. Wade Pickren

Chief Culture Officer

Sophie Zivontsis

Head of Marketing

Anthony de Gale

Head of Digital Transformation

Brenda Smith

Head of Client Success

Kiki Miller

Senior Relations Consultant

Andrea O. Forrester

Health & Wellness Team Lead

Marlon Smith

Researcher & Client Cultivation

Our Founder’s Note

I was becoming increasing unhappy with the current state of leadership, the lack of women of colour in leadership positions, the biases in hiring and promotion, the same old management training and strategy approaches, and the disconnect between businesses and their corporate social responsibilities.

I have held senior positions in private, public and non-profits companies in telecommunications, healthcare, economic development, education and the criminal justice system. I have worked locally and internationally, in the USA, the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa and became just as jaded as the people I was consulting with.

  • Leadership is on life support but there’s light at the tunnel…

  • Talent is tired, stressed, disengaged, fleeing; a new approach is here…

  • Strategy has become more fluid and fast moving…

  • Innovation is changing everything; the future of work is more agile…

  • Behavioral science pushes you past the default or status quo; change is…

  • Scientific evidence is more powerful than dogma…

But thankfully, ‘the winds of change’ are here and whether we like it or not, there will be more overturned apple carts along the way.  More people are bringing their breakthrough ideas to life by starting their own companies or seeking more purpose-driven work; new strategies are preparing the labour market for a new economy; more and more business leaders believe they can “do well” and “do good”; companies are leveraging neuroscience gaming and AI to identify, attract and retain the best people.

I know what success looks like- I have owned 3 successful companies, worked with others to turn their organizations around, advised on multigenerational workforce; and coached over 200 individuals to achieve personal and professional goals.

We have decided to take a different approach in our work by focusing on brain chemistry, psychology, and business to help YOU create sustainable behavioral change and success. By focusing on the science- leveraging neuroscience for impact and behavioral economics to nudge you to make the best decisions that are right for you.

Antoinette A. Davis

Founder & Chief Neuro-Behavioral Strategist

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BLI provides solutions to challenges in sectors such as IT, telecommunications, banking, education ,international trade etc.

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Our coaching program consists of up to a 12 one-hour sessions done either in person, over the phone or using Zoom call.

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Brain-Based Coaching

We look at how brain science impacts leadership, communication, collaboration, performance and decision-making.

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  • Chief Neuro-Behavioral Strategist

    Antoinette A. Davis

    Antoinette is a Neuro-Behavioral Strategist with 15+ years experience of leadership development and executive coaching for non-profits, start-up and corporate teams. Her expertise extends to turning organizations around and designing them for more effectiveness; talent management, change management, strategy execution, and customer centricity.

    She is known for her in-depth knowledge, passion and ability to engage diverse audiences. Antoinette’s specialty is applied neuroscience and behavioural economics. She is passionate about the brain and the ways it can be harnessed to our advantage, to make better decisions to positively affect our health and mental health.
    Antoinette is also the Chief Strategy Officer at Vincam Healthcare, a healthcare company that works with individuals living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. She provides leadership and operational oversight for long term growth in Canada and the USA.

    Antoinette has a Master of Laws (University of Toronto), Executive MBA (Western University), Bachelor of Social Work (Ryerson University) and is currently completing a Master of Behavioural Science (London School of Economics).

    She is trained in negotiation at Harvard Law School and leading with neuroscience at MIT (Massachusetts School of Technology). Antoinette is an avid reader, an engaging public speaker and is in the process of writing her first book. Antoinette loves improv acting and introduces it into her coaching sessions. Giving back to the community, fighting for social justice, criminal justice reform, human rights and health equity is integral to everything she does.

  • Chief Culture Officer

    Dr. Wade Pickren

    Wade is a social psychologist who researches, writes and speaks about ways to facilitate positive learning, change, and development in individuals and organizations through effective collaboration. He is the current Director, Center for Faculty Excellence, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY, and the Chief Culture Officer at BLI. Current research has shown that having the right culture – one based on trust and collaboration; not immune to change, but willing to embrace a new mindset and disrupt deeply embedded leadership patterns – will increase business success.

    At BLI, we will help you to design a culture strategy based on neuroscience that will get everyone moving in the right direction and foster successful collaborations to achieve desired outcomes. We utilize a boundary spanner approach to work across organizational/institutional hierarchies with all relevant parties.

    Most of Wade’s work has been in educational and non-profit settings, where effective collaboration is often the only way to reach desired goals. Personal and organizational strengths are grounded in particular cultural milieus; thus, he uses a cultural strengths approach to facilitate learning across cultures and is deeply committed to the scholar-practitioner model. Successful applications of this approach include leadership development, change management, personal growth, and creating resilient cultures.

    He received his PhD in Psychology from the University of Florida and has authored/edited 9 books, numerous peer-reviewed publications, and has given invited talks and workshops on four continents. His forthcoming book on psychology, health, and resilience will be published by Routledge. When not spending time with family, Wade can be found listening to every genre of music ever invent

  • Head of Marketing

    Sophie Zivontsis

    Sophie heads up marketing for BLI. She is an Omni Channel Leader, delivering game-changing products, programs and infrastructure improvements. She has over 25 years in publishing and advertising, marketing, team development, strategic sourcing and delivering scalable solutions that transform organizations. Her understanding of the landscape and the role of new media has resulted in consistent sales and net margin performance, year after year in Canada & the USA. She is passionate about engaging and working with young leaders, campus staff and student representatives.
    Sophie has a BA in Communications from York University. When she’s not working hard, she can be found sipping cappuccinos on a patio and trying hard to unwind.

  • Head of Digital Transformation

    Anthony de Gale

    Innovation, transformation and leadership occur in many ways. At BLI, our ability to help solve clients’ most complex issue is distinct. We deliver strategy and implementation from a business and technology view, to help you lead in the market where you compete.

    Anthony has more than 25 years of growth strategy experience in banking, payments, consulting, healthcare, risk and regulatory compliance. He has led multiple projects that span all aspects of digital transformation, including go-to-market, process/organizational design, and technology.

    Anthony has also worked extensively on enhancing marketing, pricing and commercial capabilities for clients across a range of industries including healthcare, telecom, technology, travel and tourism, and customer service. He has deep innovation and deployment experience with intelligent speech-based interfaces and machine learning technology.

    He helps organizations to look at the way digital transformation is changing the way business is being transacted, to embrace it while considering the new and changing risks.

    Anthony is an avid reader, sports enthusiast especially hockey and golf, and enjoys writing, hiking and spending time outdoors. When he’s not doing all of these things, he’s a youth mentor and sits on the Board of Speed Academy.

  • Head of Client Success

    Brenda Smith

    At BLI, we care about our people and are committed to providing not only exceptional client experiences, but also an inclusive workplace culture. We understand the importance of fostering an environment that brings out the best in each person. As such, we work with our clients to hire, develop and retain top talent for the new realities of work.
    As Head of Client Success, Brenda works with our clients to rethink performance management systems and corporate governance so that employees are truly supported in their learning, growth and overall contributions. When she’s not working, she spends time travelling with family, hiking, and socializing with friends.

  • Senior Labour Relations Consultant

    Kiki Miller

    Kiki has over 25 years experience providing expert advice to advice to Human Resources, academic administrators and senior leaders on the interpretation and application of the collective agreements, the investigation and resolution of grievances and the administration of the grievance and arbitration process.

    She has provided training to line management and Human Resources on a variety of Labour Relations and legislative issues, as well as on the effective leadership, management and supervision of employees in a unionized environment.

    Kiki is committed to working with our clients to support, foster and promote a positive and constructive work environment for their unionized employees and the unions that represent them. She has certificates in human resources, mediation and facilitation in addition to a BA in Sociology from Carleton University.

  • Health & Wellness Team Lead

    Andrea O. Forrester

    Andrea is a registered Social Worker who brings her knowledge, leadership and experience in health and wellness, research and evaluation, knowledge dissemination and community mobilization.

    She has over 15 years working with young adults, children and youth, and families. Andrea brings a unique perspective having worked in frontline health and social services, administration and social policy.

    She coaches BLI’s clients on wellness and health, mental illness, collaboration, problem-solving and cross-cultural communications. She completed a degree in psychology at York University and a Master of Social Work at Windsor University.

  • Researcher & Client Cultivation

    Marlon Smith

    As a member of the team, Marlon brings hands-on experience managing corporate social responsibility programs and grass roots experience in program design, implementation and facilitating cross-sector collaboration to solve social problems related to poverty, human rights and economic development.

    He assists with our expansion programs and enhancement activities and key to our customer service success by creating new content and systems to facilitate initiatives, while ensuring our existing systems are integrated and working as needed.

    Marlon is committed to social impact and sustainability with an inquisitive mind and desire to seek out and translate information into timely, accurate and actionable insight. He spends his time volunteering and developing strategies that support children along the cradle to career continuum. He’s also passionate about being a part of the global citizen movement to inspire real change. Marlon completed his degree in environment science at York University.